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Self Awareness Can Be Your Greatest Asset

Are you facing challenges in life and feel like you weren't given the skills or knowledge to manage these challenges?  You are not alone! Therapy can provide support, build emotional awareness and teach strategies to manage life's challenges in order to ultimately help you thrive.

I believe finding a therapist who is the right fit is an integral part of the healing journey. Whether this is your first experience with therapy or you are still looking for the right fit, I am happy to support you through the process.  I truly love helping people find the best fit for them, even if that doesn't end up being me!
Maternal Mental Health focuses on supporting and improving the lives of mothers at any stage. From infertility, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Motherhood is a journey, a constantly changing journey. I have complete trainings specifically related to Postpartum Mood Disorders and working with individuals experiencing infertility as well as pregnancy and infant loss.

As a mom myself I find great joy in supporting other moms at whichever stage of their journey they are currently in. Research is showing that high rates of moms are struggling with anxiety, burn out and fatigue. We also know that as moms, we don't do a great job taking care of ourselves. So, if you are taking the step to start therapy, good for you! Through my own experience and working with many moms I know that becoming a mother can be a tough transition, one you truly can't prepare for. There is a massive lifestyle change, identity change, and impact on your relationship with your spouse. Then we throw in juggling life with a baby and children! All moms need support.

Another aspect that falls under maternal mental health, really women's health in general, is peri-menopause. This is an experience all women will go through, just like puberty. Its often confusing and difficult. Hormones impact so many aspects of our health, which we may not even realize. During peri-menopause your hormones become all out of wack, contributing to many uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms. Therapy can help you to manage and gain more control over these symptoms. 
I began my career as a Masters level intern at The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt. I continued my career once licensed at The Center for Eating Disorders providing individual and group therapy in their inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for 3 years. This setting provided incredible training and experience with a variety of mental illnesses as well as intense training treating eating disorders. After this time I transitioned to the outpatient setting where I provided individual therapy. I also became a Board Approved Supervisor and supervised those beginning their career as counselors.

In treating eating disorders I do so from an evidenced based model of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In therapy we will focus on motivation to change, building skills to cope with and block symptoms and explore underlying factors contributing to the development and maintenance of the eating disorder.

I feel my experience working with hundreds of individuals struggling with eating disorders has given me great perspective and understanding of the challenges faced in the recovery process. Although I am not in your shoes,  I do my best to value your experience and perspective during the treatment process. 
Depression and anxiety can be both life long illnesses or due to temporary life events. Either way therapy is an effective tool to increase quality of life and learn skills to manage the illness and the symptoms. At the end of each session we will identify goals for you to work on outside of therapy, where the true growth and work happens.  MANY people struggle with depression and anxiety, you are not alone! 
I work with both individuals and couples to help improve relationships. Relationships are hard!  If you are struggling with ANY relationships in your life, spouse/partner, parent, friend, colleagues or with your children therapy can help. Often interpersonal conflict develops when someone in the relationship is not respecting the other persons boundaries. In therapy we will work on effective communication strategies as well as boundary settings. Unsure of your boundary needs? We will figure it out together! 

Towson University

Bachelors of Science, Deaf Studies 2005
Minor - Psychology

Johns Hopkins University

Masters of Science, Clinical Community Counseling 2008
Contact me through the contact form on this website, call or email via the contact information provided. I provide a free 15 minute phone consultation before scheduling an intake appointment. This is a great way to get a sense if I will be a good fit for you. 
The short answer is no. I am an out of network provider. However, many insurance plans offer out of network benefits and I encourage you to contact your insurance company to inquire about your benefits. See FAQs for more info.
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All sessions are $170. I accept credit card and HSA cards. You will receive a superbill monthly to submit to insurance, if applicable.
I see adults and adolescents 16 and older. 
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